Instruments produced in the UK workshop………..

mahogany om

With a very distinctive bear-claw to its Engelmann spruce top,  this guitar has been prepared with a slim mahogany neck which is slightly narrower at the body than is standard, and has been set up with a nice low, easy-playing action.  The instrument has solid mahogany back and sides.  The bridge and fretboard are of ebony; the headstock veneer of rosewood and the fretboard both feature abalone inlay.

(photos by Cat Humphries)

Maple Dreadnought

A guitar with a bright voice with stunning flamed maple back and sides and attractive figured maple bindings to the top and back.  Whilst set up with a reasonably low action, the deep dreadnought body gives this instrument a nice bass boom if you want it. This instrument has been fitted with a Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend Pickup and Preamp.

(photos by Cat Humphries)

walnut ukulele

A ukulele with back and sides of solid walnut, with mahogany neck and indian rosewood fretboard, bridge and headstock veneer. The top of solid spruce gives a nice tone.

(photos by Cat Humphries)

Mahogany Dreadnought

This instrument has quite a warm sound, and the black grain fill gives it an aged appearance.  A guitar you will probably want to play every day!

(photos by Cat Humphries)


A ukulele with a solid sitka spruce top and solid maple back and sides, with beautiful “flame”. The top and back are bound with rosewood. The bridge, fretboard and headstock veneer are of rosewood, with mother of pearl inlay.

(photos by Cat Humphries)

Cocobolo OM (Left-handed)

(photos by Cat Humphries)

Rosewood Dreadnought

After my prototype rosewood and sitka OM, this instrument was built with a european spruce top and a nice deep dreadnought body to give a little more volume for those that want it, whilst maintaining the warmth of the rosewood. 

(photos by Cat Humphries)

Walnut OM

Warm-toned with plenty of power in the mid-range, this little walnut and spruce guitar looks and sounds absolutely charming!

walnut travel ukulele

A slimline ukulele with a solid spruce top and back and sides of solid walnut. The neck is of mahogany, with a feature solid maple heel cap. The fretboard, bridge and headstock veneer are of indian rosewood. The curvature of the top and back of these ukuleles mean that both tone and volume are maintained, even when the body depth is reduced.

Cocobolo Dreadnought

Taken a few moments before it left the workshop for its new home………….

………a few snaps of my cocobolo dreadnought with european spruce top. I have used african mahogany for the neck, and ebony, maple and rosewood for the bindings. The top has notable “bearclaw”, and the back and sides show the fantastic wild grain of cocobolo. See if you can spot the fish shape near the centre of the back which disappears on the opposite side of the centre joint, even though the sides of the back are “book-matched”!

This guitar has a truly beautiful, loud, clear voice with outstanding sustain, especially in the mid-range. A real joy to play.


COCobolo om

This guitar features cocobolo back and sides, torrefied sitka spruce top and indian rosewood fretboard, bridge and headstock veneer.